[Tree-project-organise] Knowle wood and website

Darren mail at vegburner.co.uk
Tue Nov 12 12:42:22 CET 2013

Yes I'd agree trying to figure something out for Knowle Wood would be 
good.  To get in there doing stuff would be amazing.

I went up with Avery last Tuesday to see Nick demonstrate the Logasol 
wood mill and met Nick the owner but we decided it was best not to 
discuss things with him rather than Howie????  (sorry I forget your 
friends name)

I'm away for a month or so but I guess we could try to move things 
forward by email???

I discussed with Avery the possibility of building a structure there 
that we could use for green woodworking or other stuff. Following that 
conversation I was thinking it might be good to make any structure we 
built very portable so that it would be moved to another site.

I'm not entirely clear on what ideas/possibilities there are for us on 
the site.  Anyone?

Oh yeah the website is now at communitytreeproject.org.uk



On 08/11/13 12:33, Duncan Armstrong wrote:
> First class my friend.
> Much appreciated efforts!
> Could do with a group chat to discuss working at knowle wood.
> Duncan Armstrong
> Aspen Tree Care
> 07789 557787
> 01273 479058
> On 8 Nov 2013, at 11:39, Darren <mail at vegburner.co.uk> wrote:
>> We've now got a (very) draft website and operational email.
>> Website is currently at
>> https://network23.org/communitytreeproject/
>> but will eventually be at communitytreeproject.org.uk
>> I've also set up a contact email - office at communitytreeproject.org.uk
>> Currently I've set this up so that any emails sent to that address are forwarded to everyone if anyone wants to be excluded from this email forwarding let me know and I'll stop them coming to you.

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