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Ing anything seriously, as well as of twitching his nose and eyebrows.
Consequently every one thought that this habit marred his face. Yet I
thought it such a nice one that I involuntarily adopted it for myself,
until, a few days after I had made his acquaintance, Grandmamma suddenly
asked me whether my eyes were hurting me, since I was winking like an
owl! Never a word of affection passed between us, yet he felt his power
over me, and unconsciously but tyrannically, exercised it in all our
childish intercourse. I used to long to tell him all that was in my
heart, yet was too much afraid of him to be frank in any way, and, while
submitting myself to his will, tried to appear merely careless and
indifferent. Although at times his influence seemed irksome and
intolerable, to
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