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S necessary to do their part better than they are now doing it and
better than the school could ever do it. Finally, one reason for a
breakdown of charitable societies is not their own inadequacy, but
rather the failure of the school and church to make use of an agency
better equipped than themselves to give material relief. The teacher
sees the child every day, while the relief society will never see it and
has no reason to see it until some one calls attention to it. The very
first step, and an indispensable one in relief policy, is for teachers
to be on the lookout for children not adequately provided for, and then
have the physical evidence discovered at school followed to the home for
the cause of the child's distress. [Illustration: HOME-TO-HOME
INSTRUCTION IN COOKING Anaemic condition of child due to bad cooking,
not to lack of income] _Cooeperation_ removes the cause of distress;
_doing_ may aggravate it. Teachers would do well to draw up for
themselves a chart
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