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The road turned out to be somewhat better. "I imagine

we're getting close to the quarry now, fellows," Hugh
informed them; "if what I was told is true. It will lie over here on the right; and only for the dense growth of trees with their foliage still hanging on, we might see
the cliff forming the background of the quarry right now." Julius and Horatio looked around them with increasing interest, and perhaps a slight flutter of unusual vigor in the region of their hearts. It was about as gloomy

a scene as any of them had ever gazed upon. Years had elapsed since work in the stone quarry had been abandoned, and Nature, as usual, had
done her best to hide the cruel
gashes made in her breast by man; the trees had grown and spread, while bushes and weeds extended their sway
so as to almost choke everything around. The distant cawing of the crows
sounded more gruesome than ever amidst such surroundings; but there
was no sign of bird-life to be seen. It was as though the little
feathered creatures

found this region too lonely even
for their
nest building. Not even a red or gray squirrel

frisked around a tree, or boldly defied the intruders of his wilderness haunt. "There, I just had a glimpse of the place through an opening!" suddenly announced Hugh; "
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