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Under Socialist banners.
I care most of all for the suffering of the innocent little ones. When I see that under our present system it is necessary for the mother to leave her baby's cradle to go into a factory, regardless of whether the baby lives or dies when it is fed on nasty and dangerous artificial foods or poor, polluted milk, I am stirred to my soul's depths. When I

think of the tens of thousands of little babies that die every year as a result of these conditions I have described; of the millions of children
who go to school every day underfed and neglected, and of the little child toilers in shops, factories and mines, as well
as upon the farms, though their lot is less tragic than that of the little prisoners of the factories and mines--I cannot find words to express my hatred of the ghoulish system.

I should like you to read, Jonathan, a little pamphlet on _Underfed School Children_,
which costs ten cents, and a bigger book, _The Bitter Cry of the Children_, which you can get at the
public library. I wrote these to lay before thinking
men and women some of the terrible
evils from which our children suffer.

_I know_ that the things written are true. Every line
of them was written with

the single purpose of telling the truth as I had seen it. I made the terrible assertions that more than eighty thousand babies are slain by poverty in America each year; that some "2,000,000 children of school age in the United States are the victims of poverty which denies
them common necessities, particularly adequate nourishment"; that there were
at least 1,750,000 children at work in this country. These statements, and the evidence given in support of them, attracted widespread attention, both in this country and in Europe. They were cited in the U.S. Senate and in Europe parliaments. They were preached about from thousands of pulpits

and discussed from a thousand platforms by politicians, social reformers and others. A committee was formed in New York City to promote the physical welfare of school children. Although one of the first to take the matter up, I was not asked to serve on that committee, on account of the fact, as I was afterwards told, of my being a Socialist.
Well, that Committee, composed entirely
of non-Socialists, and including some very bitter opponents of Socialism, made an investigation of the health of school children in New York City. They exami
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