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Water. These air-holes are overlaid loosely with flags and other light materials. In this we began to be very successful trappers. Lewis and
Clarke were successful because first we spared no labor nor hardships; to set traps or find a favorable
location; secondly
because we bought the best guns and traps in the U.S. Thirdly because we put our money and time all back in the business; and fourthly because

we had had the best kind of training in all kinds of common furs. I had been
well educated for my profession. My teachers were such men as Frank Johnson who was the best bear trapper in the country. Charley Mackintosh the noted beaver trapper of the States. William S. Walker who no doubt was the best trapper in any
country. he specialized on Bear, Lynx, Marten and Mountain Lion. Henry

Grey was a specialist on Marten he taught me the art of taking that shy game. And this Same Henry Grey was great a mixer of Compounds; Joe Whitecup schooled me in Mink except his bait. Shopnegon

taught me the crafts of Camping and sleeping without catching cold, how to travel without a compass by the stars; and when it was dark and cloudy how to keep from circling around. he taught me how to skin all kinds of game,
and how to make sinew for thred, and awls to sew with and explained roots for indigestion; and leaves for constipation. Long Knife taught me how to trap skunks, and weasels, and above all he put me next to rat so I never need ask any other man the nature of that animal. Chief Broken Bow
taught me to walk, shoot, and run, how to exercise and how to get allong with Indians. How to know when I was in danger, and above all how to keep cool which is the greatest lesson any man or indian ever learned,
either in the woods, on
the plains, over the sea; or in the busy cities. This lesson has saved my life scores of times. I have often wished that Chief Broken-Bow could have had some successor to continue this teaching,
for all the world suffers and even those

who have been to school and college come forth polished as a lizzard--but the first
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