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Clung to the support of Desmond's presence with the tenacity of an
exhausted body and a fevered brain;--a tenacity which could not fail to
touch the older man's heart, and which had made it difficult for others
to take their due share in the nursing. Thus the slow weeks of
dependence on one side, and unwearied service on the other, together
with the underlying bond between them, had wrought a closeness of
friendship to which the Boy had long aspired; and which promised to add
depth and stability to the warmth and uprightness of heart that were
already his. Harry Denvil's present need was for a tacit wiping out of
the past, an unquestioning trust in regard to the future; and his
Captain, after the wordless manner of men, gave him full assurance of
both. It is just this power to draw out the best and strongest by the
simple habit of taking it for granted that marks the true leader; the
man who compels because he never insists; whose influence is less a
force than a subtle radiation. And now, as Theo Desmond sat alone
fronting a world compact of mist and fire, and the fragrance of moist
earth, his mind was mainly concerned with the Boy's future, and with
certain retrenchments of his own expenditure, whereby alone he could
hope to cancel the debts that remained after the disposal of Roland. His
sole trouble in respect of these retrenchments lay in the fact that they
must, to some extent, affect his wife. If only she could be persuaded to
see the necessity as clear
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