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Party of horsemen making their way at full speed across the country. The
perfect level of the plains, particularly in Champagne, makes the ground
as open as a race-course. I called my hussars, and we galloped forward
to intercept. On seeing us, they slackened their speed, and were
evidently in consultation. At length the sight of our uniforms reassured
then, and one of their number came forward to meet us. To our enquiry,
the answer was, that "General Lafayette desired to be led to the
headquarters." I now saw this memorable man for the first time, and was
busy, in my usual style, in looking for the hero or the revolutionist in
his physiognomy. I was disappointed in both. I saw a quiet visage, and a
figure of moderate size, rather _embonpoint_, and altogether the reverse
of that fire-eyed and lean-countenanced "Cassius" which I had pictured
in my imagination. But his manners perplexed me as much as his features.
They were calm, easy, and almost frank. It was impossible to recognize
in him the Frenchman, except by his language; and he was the last man in
whom I could ever have detected that pride of the theatre, the "French
_marquis_." His manners were English, and I had a fellow-feeling for him
even in our short ride to the camp, and congratulated myself on being
thrown into the intercourse of one who had played so conspicuous a part
in the most conspicuous scene of our day. But on his introduction to the
duke, my ardour received a sudden chill. I saw instantly, by the utter
absence of all cordiality in his reception, that the French fugitive had
taken a dangerous step, and that his Parisian ill fortune had deprived
his retreat of all merit in the sight of the commander-in-chief. My
doubts were soo
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