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, when the fisher-wives sit mending their husband's nets round the
peat-fires, and the children crowd close to listen with all their ears
to the story. 'The Theodora,' the boat belonging to the Bunk, had been
getting out of repair for some time back. At first the young folk--even
Theo herself--being a happy-go-lucky, reckless set in most things,
disregarded the leak, never dreaming it to be a serious one, and laughed
at their wet feet; for who ever heard of salt water hurting anybody? It
is just, however, those neglected little things, evils that are suffered
to go on, which increase sometimes, with a sudden rush, into big
mischiefs. That week Theodora, who had not been in the boat for a few
days, was struck afresh with the damage; she saw that it was high time
something should be done to mend matters, if only for the sake of
keeping dry feet. She therefore gave Ned Dempster a few directions how
to remedy the leak. Of course Ned, being a born fisher-lad, was quite
capable of doing the piece of work in his spare moments. This Theo knew.
But, unfortunately, her orders, and everything else as well, went clean
out of Ned's head, owing to the excitement he had imbibed from Alick
about the expedition to Brattlesby Woods after the finches. When Theo
and Queenie, consequently, got into the boat in the afternoon to pull
across to the little birthday festival at the Vicarage, they speedily
found, to their discomfort, but by no means to their dismay, that the
leak was considerably worse than usual. 'Oh,' screamed Queenie, 'my
bestest new shoes is quite wetted, Theo! Look!' Queenie certainly was
right; the shiny little toes that, dangling, did not reach the bottom of
the boat even, were already wet. Theo's fresh blue print also was
fringed round with sea-water when she looked down at it. 'I think we
might manage to get across, though,' said Theo hopefully. 'It's a pity
to turn back. We shouldn't get much wetter than we are already, should
we?' 'Not much wettere
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