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Hey ran close to a three-masted schooner, and then the bell on that ship
was rung with a loud clamor. "That was a narrow escape," said Dave,
after the schooner had drifted from sight. Towards night the snowstorm
increased in violence. The wind piped merrily over the deck of the
steamer and the boys were glad to remain inside. They turned in early,
since there was nothing else to do. [Illustration: Once they ran close
to a three-masted schooner.--_Page 160._] Dave could not sleep at first,
but presently dropped into a light doze. When he awoke he sat up with a
start. He had heard a strange noise, but now all was silent. He called
to Roger, but received no reply. Then he called again and got up and
lighted the room. "Roger, where are you?" he repeated, and then looked
toward his chum's berth. To his amazement the berth was made up as if it
had never been occupied, and Roger was gone. CHAPTER XVIII IN NORWAY AT
LAST There is no denying the fact that Dave was startled. It was one
thing to have Roger missing, it was quite another to have his chum gone
and have the berth made up as if it had never been occupied. "He went to
bed--I saw him go," muttered the boy from the country to himself. "Am I
dreaming, or what can the matter be?" The more Dave thought over the
affair the more was h
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