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Itchie did not repair here for a long time in fact not till after our
Regt. was raised--Adjutant Dole came here promptly to do his duty--but
in the absence of his Col. could not facilitate his regt. without
assuming a responsibility that would have been unwise. I regret that he
could not have been placed in our regt. for he will prove a faithful and
reliable officer and should I be transfered to (cont.)] organize,
largely because its prospective commander, Colonel John Ritchie, who had
gone south to persuade the Osages to enlist,[273] was slow in putting in
an appearance at Humboldt. The Neosho Agency, to which the Osages
belonged, was in great confusion, partly due to [Footnote 272: (cont.)
any other position which I am strongly in hopes I may be, I hope you
will exercise your influence to transfer him to my place, this will be
agreable to all the officers of the 1st. regiment and desirable on his
part. The condition of the Indians here at the present writing is very
favorable, sickness is abating and their spirits are reviving. I think I
have fully settled the fact of the Indians capability and susceptibility
to arive at a good state of military disipline. You would be surprised
to see our Regt. move. They accomplish the feat of regular time step
equal to any white soldier, they form in line with dispatch and with
great precission; and what is more they now manifest a great desire to
learn the entire white man's disiplin in military matters. That they
will make brave and ambitious soldiers I have no doubt. Our country may
well feel proud that these red men have at last fell into the ranks to
fight for our flag, and aid in crushing treason. Much honor is due them.
I am sorry that Dr. Kile did not accept the appointment of Quartermaster
but owing to some misunderstanding with Col. Ritchie he declines. You
will please remember me to Gen'l Lane and say that I h
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