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Gossips of the talk that was going on, concerning the unusual
preparations that were being made, by her husband, for the forthcoming
voyage of the Swan; and the trader was often put to his wits' end by her
questions on the subject. His professions of benevolence towards the
crew, and his explanations of his reasons for her powerful armament had
sufficed for others, but they by no means satisfied her. "Do you think,
Diggory Beggs," she asked, indignantly, "that after all these years I do
not know you as well as I do the contents of my linen chest? I have
never before known you open your purse strings one inch wider than was
necessary. Have I not always had to ask, until I am verily ashamed,
before I can get a new gown for myself, or a decent cloak for the girls?
You have ever been hard fisted with your money, and never disposed to
spend a groat, save on good occasion. There is not the wife of a trader
of your standing in Plymouth but makes a braver show than I do, when we
walk on the hoe on holidays or feast days. "There is something at the
bottom of all this I don't understand; but mark you, Diggory, I am not
to be kept in the dark. As your wife, I have a right to know why you are
throwing about good and lawful money. I toil and slave to keep your
house decent and respectable, at small cost; but I shall do so no
longer. If you can afford to throw money into the gutter in one way, you
can in another; and people will cry shame on you, when, as they say, you
are pampering up your sailors, in such manner as will cause discontent
among all others in the port, while your wife and daughters are walking
about in homespun!" Mistress Mercy did not succeed in extracting the
information she desired from her husband, who was, however, forced to
fall back upon the defense that he had his reasons, but that he was
pledged to say nothing concerning them. "Pledged!" she replied,
scornfully. "And to whom are you pledged, I should like to know? I
thought you were pledged to me, and that you were bound to cherish and
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