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[image: Futurized podcast - preparing you to deal with future disruption]
*Hi Michel. *

This week, Futurized tackles cultured meat as well as behavioral science in
product design in two exciting interview episodes:


   David Brandes, Managing Director and co-founder of Peace of Meat.
   - Matt Wallaert, behavioral scientist and author of *Start At The End:
   How To Build Products that Create Change*.



This week, my prep for the only foreign trip of this year is moving into
high gear. Futurized will be reporting live from Dubai’s 12th Global Family
Office Investment Summit 26-28 October 2020
<https://yegiiinc.cmail20.com/t/d-l-ctidjhy-jliiuhlhf-y/> (Ritossa
Summits).  This will enable Futurized's partners to reach new audiences,
bringing the latest thinking on the next decade to the family office
investment space and sharing that community's vision of the future to
thought leaders in tech, government, and nonprofits that are already part
of Futurized's reach.

*Strict COVID-19 protocols will be observed, all entrants into UAE are
tested, Emirates even demands a test to board the flight, and I hope to do
most podcast recordings outside! As it turns out, with professional
microphones you can record good audio through masks.*



Here is the current podcast guest wish list I'm looking for intros to make
happen over the next year. I'd really like to chat with Barack Obama, Elon
Musk, Tim Berners-Lee, Mary Meeker, Jeffrey Li (Tencent), Eric Topol, Mark
Cuban, Andrew Lo, and Sir James Dyson. Also, do you know any Fortune 500
CEOs, heads of international NGOs, or unicorn startup founders? Whilst I'm
connected to some of them through LinkedIn already, if anybody knows such
public figures (or others I should have thought of) and are willing to go
out on a limb with a warm intro, I'd be extremely thankful.

Also, please consider forwarding this email to a colleague you care about
or somebody who should be a guest on Futurized. For every lead I get, I'll
either send you a free book or donate $20 to charity, whichever you prefer.

If you like the show, subscribe to Futurized in Apple Podcasts, Spotify,
Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio or Pandora, review it with a
sentence, and ideally give it a 5 star rating.

Have a great day!

Trond Arne Undheim, Ph.D.

Author of *Pandemic Aftermath* (2020), *Disruption Games (2020), Leadership
>From Below (2008) and Future Tech (2021, forthcoming). See Trond's books

[image: The Future of Cultured Meat]

In episode #36, The Future of Cultured Meat
<https://yegiiinc.cmail20.com/t/d-l-ctidjhy-jliiuhlhf-i/>, futurist Trond
Arne Undheim <https://yegiiinc.cmail20.com/t/d-l-ctidjhy-jliiuhlhf-d/>
interviews David Brandes, Managing Director and co-founder of Peace of Meat.

In this conversation, they talk about the technology of cell-based,
cultured meat, the sustainability benefits of removing animals from food
production, consumer trust, regulatory forces, disruption, and the future
of food tech.

The takeaway is that cultured meat is here to stay, although it’s
introduction will take time and will vary depending on tech innovation
speed, regulatory attitudes and consumer trust. COVID-19 has brought about
a renewed discussion about food safety and worker safety—lab grown meat
does not seem as far fetched as it once did.
Listen to Episode #36
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[image: Behavioral Science in Product Design]

In episode #34, Behavioral Science in Product Design
<https://yegiiinc.cmail20.com/t/d-l-ctidjhy-jliiuhlhf-o/>, futurist Trond
Arne Undheim interviews Matt Wallaert, behavioral scientist and author of
Start At The End: How To Build Products that Create Change.

In this conversation, they talk about how the field of product design has
evolved, the value of experimentation, discovery of cutting edge products,
who does it well, corporations and startups, and how the future of product
design is steeped in science.

The takeaway is that behavioral science should be an obligatory part of
product design and it cannot be an afterthought. Right now, most companies
are overweight on data scientists and underweight on behavioral scientists,
even though they are both needed in equal measure for a product to succeed.
Listen to Episode #34

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*About Futurized*
Futurized goes beneath the trends, tracking the underlying forces of
disruption in tech, policy, business models, social dynamics, and the
environment. Join Trond Arne Undheim, futurist, author, and serial
entrepreneur as he tracks the societal impact of deep tech such as AI,
blockchain, IoT, life science and robotics.On the show, he interviews smart
people with a soul: founders, authors, executives, and emerging thought
leaders. Each episode is a narrative journey marked by triumphs, failures,
serendipity and insight — told by the people behind some of the world’s top
emerging and established talent.

Futurized.co <https://yegiiinc.cmail20.com/t/d-l-ctidjhy-jliiuhlhf-x/> is
on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio and
Pandora, in fact it is, so far, syndicated to 20+ platforms
<https://yegiiinc.cmail20.com/t/d-l-ctidjhy-jliiuhlhf-m/>. The show has
listeners from 28 countries. Search for Futurized or put the RSS feed
<https://yegiiinc.cmail20.com/t/d-l-ctidjhy-jliiuhlhf-c/> into your podcast
player of choice.

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