[P2P-F] thinking true meta-governance and the gaps in p2p theory regarding the household economy

Michel Bauwens michel at p2pfoundation.net
Thu Oct 12 08:38:03 CEST 2017

the following was prompted by Jose Ramos, who was thinking about his new
book on commons policy,


after hearing a recent monbiot video where he mentioned 4 economic spheres,
(market-state-commons-households), rather than the 3 we are using at the
p2p foundation (market-state-commons) ...

I have started thinking that in our (at least mine) own work, I have really
collapsed household and commons, because I on the one hand, I see the
family as a commons and caring as commoning, but on the other hand, I have
not seen any solution yet emerge, as how commons-based peer production can
actually help the household economy,

so basically, I am asking for help and ideas on how we could think this

 here is a potential framework: I would suggest a potential scheme

take the 4 economic sectors: commons, state, market and households

each of these has internal governance aspects and specific characteristics

then, they need to relate to each other, given us commons-market, commons
to state, commons-households, etc..

then, all of this needs a meta-framework

so far the work at the p2p foundation has been at the intersection of 1) a
general framework for commons/state/market, and I believe we have done good
work on this 2) work on commons-state (in value in the commons economy and
other work) 3) state-commons: our work in ecaudor (focusing on social
knowledge commons) and our work in ghent, focusing on institutional design
for public-commons cooperation; I think we have done good work and advanced
significantly in these 3 directions

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