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Treaty on TNCs at the UNHrC
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Dear Friends and Colleagues, please take not and act on the urgent request,
Tina Ebro sent us.

Yours Birgit

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*Subject:* [aepf] URGENT Request: Sign-Ons for Binding Treaty on TNCs at
the UNHrC

Dear All,

Please read urgent appeal below of TNI and Brid:


*Do sign on Statement  2017 http://www.treatymovement.com/statement
   <http://www.treatymovement.com/statement>. Statement — Treaty Alliance
   <http://www.treatymovement.com/statement> www.treatymovement.com
   <http://www.treatymovement.com> The website of the global civil society
   alliance jointly advocating for an international treaty that effectively
   addresses corporate human rights abuses. *
   - *Do reach out in your networks for sign-ons. *

Warm wishes,

Tina Ebro
Focal Person for Asia
Asia-Europe People's Forum (AEPF)

Mobile: +63-9178146311 <+63%20917%20814%206311>
Skype: tina.ebro


c/o Institute for Popular Democracy (IPD)


Dear Colleagues in the AEPF,

Warm greetings! I hope all goes well with you and your work.

I write now to update you on the upcoming *Week of Peoples Mobilisation
(Oct 22-2&) in Geneva *to accompany the 3rd Session of the UN Working Group
on the Binding Treaty on TNCs and other business enterprises with respect
to Human Rights. This week will be crucial in this struggle as governments
have to move to negotiation mode...the EU members states are now engaging
but "reluctantly".

As we are in the last sprint for Geneva ... I am flagging up some urgent

*1) On the Parliamentarians Statement *in support of the Binding Treaty and
Invitation to the World Parliamentarian Forum Oct 22/Geneva.

I am posting below the Letter of the Parliamentarian Initiators - moving on
a Call for the Binding Treaty and the Forum. (The GUE/NGL faction of the EP
have been very active on this.

This is a new initiative building on the previous participation of MPs in
different fora supporting the Binding Treaty...but now hopefully to be
become an international focal point for MPs and the Binding Treaty. It is
really important to reach out to MPs on this...as it will have significant
political impact in Geneva and afterwards in the next steps. Hoping Thomas
that this could be an initiative where you could participate and support.

Below the MP initiators Letter and links for Sign-on etc.

Can you please forward the Letter of the MP initiators & add a short cover
letter addressed to a Parliamentarian/s whom you think would want to sign.

The Statement is on the website in EN/ES/PT/German/It/FR. - links are
provided within the letter.
By the way we intend to work with these MPs on this after Geneva.

*2) Treaty Alliance Statement 2017*

We have by now 650 + Organisational Signatures and 900 individual
signatures....we are aiming for 2,000. As you know the Global TNC Campaign
was a founding member of the TAis and we are activly campaigning for this
broad support

So we still need a lot of extra efforts on this!!!..Thanks for those who
have signed but knowing that you are all very busy this is an urgent
reminder to sign-on if not there alr
ady. But especially this is
an appeal to reach out in your networks for sign-ons. Link to Sign on
Statement 2017 http://www.treatymovement.com/statement

Your efforts in this regard are really important.

Do keep in touch!

And in case you would like to join us in Geneva - this is the link to
Global Campaign Week of Mobilisation: https://docs.google.com/
spreadsheets/d/1_ PWyXiyjT3kltkA6- K4xJYLssuHnczthUzyJM9YJJRM/ edit#gid=0
Warm Greetings!

Brid Brennan
Economic Justice Programme
Transnational Institute (TNI)
bridbrennan at tni.org
tel: +31 20 662 6608 <+31%2020%20662%206608>
Newsletters: http://www.tni.org/subscribe
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TransnationalInstitute
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TNInstitute

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