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Dear Friends and Colleagues

Published today (Monday, October 9th) in *Independent Science News*

*Have Monsanto and the Biotech Industry Turned Natural Bt Pesticides into
GMO “Super toxins”?*
By Jonathan Latham, PhD

*Synopsis*: GMO foods, especially those made from corn and soybeans,
contain significant quantities of a diverse family of pesticidal proteins
called Bt toxins whose mode of toxicity is to make holes in cell membranes.
Newer GMO crops can contain up to six different Bt toxins. These
proteins (also called Cry toxins) originate from the bacterium *Bacillus
thuringiensis*. The biotech industry claims that its Bt toxins  are natural
and as safe as those used by organic farmers. GMO regulators around the
world share this view. Indeed, they make it the baseline assumption of
their risk assessments for food safety and environmental toxicology. As we
show in a new peer reviewed publication, however, assumptions of similarity
of any GMO Bt with its natural ancestor are very wide of the mark. More
than that, we show that the differences between natural and GMO Bt toxins
are such as to make the latter much more toxic. The changes made to GMO Bt
toxins may expand the species range of Bt toxin activity to many more
insects, but potentially to other evolutionary branches of life as well.
Our publication thus represents a profound reassessment of Bt toxin safety
and proposes that the biotech industry has lured complacent GMO regulators
into dramatically underestimating the hazards of pesticides eaten by

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