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Subject: PAIC_participatory-art // call for proposals
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*Please feel free to respond to and/or forward this >> *

>> Open call for proposals in the

Participatory Art for Invisible Communities

(PAIC <http://www.paic-project.eu>) e-book (TBP October 2018)

The international project PAIC <http://www.paic-project.eu> responds to
community needs by tailoring artistic methodologies and building capacities of
both artists and communities, to establish a platform for exchange and open
communication in the field of participatory art.

Submissions are invited from several disciplines, including art practice /
theory / history / criticism; sociology, psychology, and other relevant
fields. Particularly the *interdisciplinary* approach is encouraged.

Please send Your abstract to be considered for the* e-book* publication*,
responding to one or more of PAIC topics:


   Tools and Methods in Participatory Art practices

   Communication between artists, mediators and community

   Transformative impact of PA

   Psychological and/or Sociological aspects of PA

   History and/or Criticism of PA

   Strategic and Policy-related aspects of PA

   Different aspects and concepts of Participation

Submissions can include but are not restricted to formats like *research
articles, personal accounts, creative works*, (visual) essays, case studies
of projects or initiatives, text-embedded (documentary, experimental etc.)
videos etc.

*Submission Requirements:*

Abstracts of 200-400 words are to be sent by November 15, 2017, to
info at paic-project.eu. The PAIC Committee** will select abstracts for
publication in the PAIC e-book. Please note that PAIC does not guarantee
that any submitted material will be published in the e-book, as all
submissions will need to pass the review of the Committee. All submitting
authors will be informed about the decision by December 1, 2017. The
abstract submission may also contain (reference to) visual or other media

Final contributions that shall be composed after a positive selection by
the Committee, may have a scope between 400 words (1 page) to 4000 words
(10 pages), or an equivalent of visual or other (rich) media material. All
submissions must be delivered in Word format (.doc or .docx) and submitted
as a single file in an email attachment, to *info at paic-project.eu
<info at paic-project.eu>* by April 15, 2018 hi-quality picture and/or video
materials should be made available via web link.

In all aspects of textual composition, mediography and formatting, please
observe the Chicago Manual of Style www.chicagomanualofstyle.org

****About the e-book*

Tentative Chapters of the e-book as foreseen:


   Introduction to PA and the PAIC project

   Cultural, Social and Psychological implications of PA

   Policies and Strategies of PA

   PA Histories

   PA Theories

      Existing theories

      The PAIC model

   PA Practices

      Case studies from around Europe and the world

      Case studies of PAIC workshops

   Selected topics in PA and the Participation concept

   PA in Education

   PA in Research

   The PA “toolbox” (selected tools and methods)

   Lessons learned from PAIC


The e-book is to be published in October 2018.

It is confirmed to include contributions by highly relevant figures
such as *Airan
Berg, Annie Abrahams, Daniela Brasil, François Matarasso, Jackie Shaw,
Judit Font, Kenneth A. Balfelt, Milena Dragićević Šešić, Paul Collard,
Randall Packer* as well as other theorists and practitioners of
participatory art.

The e-book will be openly accessible and all content will be subject to the
Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 license ( https://creativecommons.org/

***Publication Selection*

The submissions will be assessed according to their academic and
professional quality as well as topical relevance for the e-book

*The PAIC Committee consists of members:


   Irena Sertić <https://www.linkedin.com/in/irena-sertic-7ba27265/>, MA,
   Omnimedia, head of PAIC project, editor (Croatia)

   Peter Purg <http://vsu.ung.si/peterpurg>, PhD, University of Nova
   Gorica, scholar and artist (Slovenia)

   Kristina Steinbock <http://www.kristinasteinbock.com/>, MFA, Soro
   Kunstmuseum, artist (Denmark)

   Ramon Parramon <https://www.idensitat.net/en/>, PhD, ACVic (Art Center
   of Vic), curator (Spain)

   Milena Dragićević Šešić
   <http://www.fdu.edu.rs/osoba/dr-milena-dragicevic-sesic/296>, PhD,
   of the Arts Belgrade, scholar (Serbia)

   Daniela Brasil
   PhD, Technical University Graz, artist and scholar (Austria)

About PAIC project:

Participatory Art for Invisible Communities (PAIC) is a project supported
by the European Commission, that includes professionals and communities
from Croatia, Slovenia, Denmark and Spain. It is based on recognizing and
answering community needs through artistic methodologies and strives at
building capacities of both communities and artists. The aim is to create a
platform for creative exchange and open communication through organized
workshops, presentations and local forums, inciting creative and open
communication. Art and culture are understood as key unifying factors for
social justice and sustainability, connecting community members, artists,
creative practitioners and cultural operators. More on www.paic-project.eu.



dr. pETER Purg
Akademija umetnosti / School of Arts
Univerza v Novi Gorici / University of Nova
Goricahttp://au.ung.si/[email protected]

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