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Dear Friends and Colleagues, Transnational Institute is launching their
"State of Power 2018" project with a call for

papers. You find this call below. Yours, Birgit

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Call for Papers: State of Power 2018 The Transnational Institute (TNI) is
issuing an open call for essays/short papers and artistic collaborations
for its forthcoming report on the issue of counter-power.

TNI’s annual State of Power reports have, since their launch in 2012,
become an important reference point for citizens, activists and academics
concerned with understanding the nature of power in our globalised world in
order to inform struggles for justice. With a mixture of compelling
infographics and insightful essays, State of Power has examined dimensions
of power (economic, political, social, cultural), exposed the key players
who control power, and highlighted movements of counter-power seeking to
transform our world. Last year’s State of Power
<http://www.tni.org/stateofpower2017> was widely praised for its amazing
thought-provoking essays and brilliant art. This year's seventh edition
will focus on counter-power. Counter-power

As we mark in 2018 the 50th anniversary of the 1968 uprisings, the world is
experiencing a new wave of protests and resistance by social movements.
This visible rise of popular mobilisation has emerged in the context of
major social and ecological upheaval and political and economic uncertainty.

Today’s movements of counter-power must contend with the rise of dangerous
demagogic leaders, using a language of hate and politics of fear, as well
as the challenge of confronting the unprecedented concentration of power in
the hands of transnational corporations and a small elite. Many movements
are also going beyond resistance, seeking to build transformative
practices, particularly at local level, that can reflect values of
solidarity and cooperation, rather than competition and greed.
But what is the nature of this counter-power? What is needed for it to
work? What blocks effective counter-power? And how can it be best harnessed
not just for resistance but also long-term transformation?

Full call for papers can be seen here: https://www.tni.org/en/

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