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Ars Electronica Open Call: Future Innovators Summit 2017
The Ars Electronica Festival is rapidly approaching. This year’s theme is
Artificial Intelligence – The Other I. Location: Linz, Austria. Dates:
September 7-11, 2017. Now, we seek creative thinkers with interesting ideas
and projects and a desire to confront challenging issues at the 2017 Future
Innovators Summit!

OPEN CALL to Artists, Scientists, Educators, Researchers, Engineers,
Entrepreneurs & Future Innovators

[image: opencallfis2017.jpg]

This is the fourth time that the *Future Innovators Summit* is being held
during the *Ars Electronica Festival*. We are currently recruiting
motivated participants who want to join this Mission of Tomorrow.

*What is the Future Innovators Summit (FIS)?*

FIS is a creative system designed to engender ideas and prototypes for the
future. Experts, outstanding artists, designers, scientists and visionary
thinkers from all over the world will convene for four days during the
festival to discuss ideas and formulate creative questions having to do
with three main themes:

   - Future Humanity
   - Future Work
   - Future Home

Last year’s Summit brought 24 Future Innovators from throughout the world
to POSTCITY, our extraordinary festival location in Linz, Austria, where
they engaged in creativity-enhancing encounters with Future Humanity,
Future Education and Future Commons. To find out exactly what that means,
check out the check out the teaser
<http://cdn.mlwrx.com/sys/r.aspx?sub=xkyMr_1ovTCJ&link=a9ws> and/or the
complete documentary
<http://cdn.mlwrx.com/sys/r.aspx?sub=B9F_00000&t=t&link=a9wu> of last
year’s festival.

*Maybe we’re looking for YOU!*
This open call targets leading-edge thinkers who have creative ideas and
projects (in development, work-in-progress, recently completed) that are
relevant to the main themes of FIS 2017.

Apply now to take part in the FUTURE INNOVATORS SUMMIT at the 2017 Ars
Electronica Festival! For detailed info about the requirements, go to https

*Application deadline*: July 17, 2017

Read more in our current Blog
<http://cdn.mlwrx.com/sys/r.aspx?sub=xkyMr_1ovTCJ&link=a9pS>interview with
Future Innovators Summit project director Hideaki Ogawa.

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