[P2P-F] Becoming-common. City administrations as practitioners of the commons in Europe

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-- Practitioners’ Lab chaired by Ana Méndez de Andés: *Becoming-common.
City administrations as practitioners of the commons in Europe*

This is more or less the same group of people that we brought together for
‘Innovative Citymakers meeting’ during ECF’s 2017 Idea Camp in Madrid past
March: http://www.culturalfoundation.eu/idea-camp-2017/

This Practitioners Lab presents different practices developed by local
governments in the production and management of public resources that are
understood as commons. By looking at projects that incorporate the active
involvement of the city inhabitants in the definition and management of
public resources such as cultural spaces, city budgeting or administrative
structures, we would like to start a deliberation about the role the public
administrations as pro-active practitioners of the commons. We aim, at the
same time, to illustrate how this becoming-common of the public requires a
paradigm shift and the incorporation of a new set of social and
administrative practices.

Our Practitioner's Lab has been scheduled for Friday July 14, 14:00-15:30,
Academiegebouw, Belle van Zuylenzaal (ground floor) [Session 13-N]
Check out the Commons Transition Plan here at: http://commonstransition.org

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