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Dear Gregory:

by the way, I did a first processing of your article here,

and here are some remarks which I share with our mailing list

I wrote on fb:

"Dear Gregory Wilpert <https://www.facebook.com/gregwilpert?hc_location=ufi>:
I have 2 issues with your vision in the paper; the first is that you call
cooperatives 'capitalist commons'; now that may be correct as saying that
coops are the form that commons can take within capitalism, but they were
clearly posed as an alternative to it, often antagonistic, even though some
were transformed into collectively-competing entities within the capitalist
market; still I find this term too much of a short hand
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Michel Bauwens <https://www.facebook.com/mbauwens?fref=ufi> also even
today, many 'post-capitalist' commons are actually subsumed within
capitalism, and not necessarily opposed to that; developer commons for
example, are mostly clearly liberal in their basic orientation; others,
whom I don't agree with, want to exclude those from the commons defintion,
and only recognize anti-capitalist commons as true commons;
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Michel Bauwens <https://www.facebook.com/mbauwens?fref=ufi> finally, you
seem to almost exclusively equate post-capitalist commons with cultural
commons, while the transformation towards physical production has been
underway for at least 15 years and there are commons-based physical
production communities (such as Atelier Paysan)
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