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Last week saw two major  internet stories from ‘Robin Hood’ (aka, Enric
Duran) and his plans to *short circuit Capitalism.*[image:
is a Catalan activist who took out bank loans of 500,000 euros and gave the
cash to occupiers, anarchists and Coops. Then he helped found the fast
growing CIC (Integral Coop), a group of leaderless assembly-run, coops with
their own ‘anti-money’, the ECU, which aims to evade the inbuilt
exploitative control of the world money system.

At his trial the State banned his witnesses who aimed to expose the multi
billion frauds of the banks themselves, So Robin (Enric)  ‘did a runner’,
and he’s still free. [image:
presently lives as a fugitive outside Spain, and is currently busy
organizing the *FairCoop – Open Cooperative*, a community-built effort to
alleviate global economic inequalities through the use of mutual credit,
reputation systems and cryptocurrencies’. (here’s lots more about Fair Coop

*FairCoop Introduction <http://vimeo.com/106382024> from Radi.ms
<http://vimeo.com/user26025844> on Vimeo <https://vimeo.com/>.*
The key to going  global is the *Commons Transition* (new website here
 http://commonstransition.org/ <http://commonstransition.org/>), linking up
commons projects like CIC, the P2P Foundation, Ubuntu, Wikipedia, the
makers  movement, occupy, etc.Read all the dirty details and join in
here: Fairness
and the Commons, an Interview with Enric Duran
.[image: abo-de-gato-cooperativa-integral]
virus of cooperation infects a new economyCoops have failed in the past,
being shriveled or swallowed by capitalism, like fruit trees in a desert.
‘Robin Hood”s answer is Faircoin, a socialised bitcoin project which is
currently taking off.

[image: Fair Coop]

*‘……..A new economy begins with a new kind of money. If you’ve managed to
live in something close to a gift economy: congratulations, you’ve made it!
This only works for some of us, though, living in relatively small
communities, and not on a global scale. You have to realize that you’re not
really changing your neighbors’ world by trading Ubuntu installs for
massage; you’re not overthrowing the hyperarchist system of human
domination by paying for your tofu in rainbowcoins, now, are you?[image:

*While complementary currencies do a great job at local level, they’re just
that: they complement other parts which together make up a whole. And what
we really need is to build up a whole new way to live in this world.*


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