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Dear Orsan,

I think it is a good idea to ask James to publish some kind of report about
p2p foundation funding,  I copied him,


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Michel I know because you say so and I believe you, and I believe you
because I feel it and we also met in person and spent some time. Obviously
there are many like Heather who may be didn't meet you yet and can't
believe you but also the fact that at this level it can be achieved by
merely relying on your own free labour and under precarious conditions.
This actually contradict with Heather's own experience, since what she has
chosen to do is more about radical journalism and activism and that doesn't
pay back at the level p2pf operates... anyway What I feel would be helpful,
because this is what i think what is heather also most sensitive about
(rightly as all of us), or some of us, is the feeling of injustice and
being used. anyway forget about me and others, and just to quick fix the
problem of possible DDoS attack, pls send Heather, even if in dutch, the
year reports of the foundation which probably you have to publish every
year and has to include the fiscal reports. iIn principle this is public
info but usually they are not widely open right in the middle (just looked
for but couldn't find on the wiki) so please send her so she has a proof,
again this I guess would be a quick fix for the Anon campaign problem we

if there is another reason behind it however it should be uncovered. while
writing these lines i realized that her book is out

And looks like good read with a great title 'binding chaos' which I believe
describes very good what you Michel and we all try to do, while
collaborating radically and creating what I call a systemic 'change value'.
and again right now remembering that she was raising a criticism towards
p2p economies, probably that is also part of her book and -thinking loudly-
her anger could be theoretically informed as well...  anyway the
contradiction here is worth to dig a bit more I think and given that the
P2PF is now at a turning point with the recent great achievements in
Ecuador and with the EU grant such reflection can be useful for all p2p
friends. I still feel hopefully something very positive might come out of

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