[P2P-F] localizing the p2p-f wiki

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Sun Nov 3 16:26:22 CET 2013

resending, there was a problem with my email :)

Nicolás Reynolds <fauno at endefensadelsl.org> writes:

> Marco Giustini <info at marcogiustini.info> writes:
>> A possible plan for transition to a new model could be to transfer the
>> domain p2pf.net from me to you, hosting it on your servers and start an
>> experimental (not visible) installation of wordpress multisite. In the
>> meantime all is left untouched on p2pfoundation.net domain. When all is
>> ready you can decide if closing blog.p2pfoundation.net redirecting to
>> p2pf.net or not.
wp-mu isn't difficult to configure, here you have the config for
nginx[0], having a dns that can serve wildcard domains saves a lot of
work (as in send *.p2pf.net to p2pf.net instead of replying nothing.)
you'll also need the domain mapping plugin if you want to host blogs on
this install using their own domains.

there's also a plugin, iirc called qtranslate, that allows to publish
translations along with the post, so you can have the main site in
different languages.

i can give a hand on this :)

my nick is fauno on freenode and oftc, i don't know if you have an irc

[0]: https://github.com/fauno/nginx-config/blob/master/sites/00wp.hackcoop.com.ar.conf

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