[P2P-F] localizing the p2p-f wiki

Kevin Flanagan kev.flanagan at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 17:38:16 CET 2013

Thanks for the offer Nick. We don't have an IRC afaik.
We are currently working on the redevelopment of the site however we
probably won't be doing anything with it until the new year as most of
out team are busy between now and then.

I see you are using github for your sites. I've been looking into this
as a way to allow volunteers to contribute to site development. How do
you find it?



On 3 November 2013 15:26, Nicolás Reynolds <fauno at endefensadelsl.org> wrote:
> resending, there was a problem with my email :)
> Nicolás Reynolds <fauno at endefensadelsl.org> writes:
>> Marco Giustini <info at marcogiustini.info> writes:
>>> A possible plan for transition to a new model could be to transfer the
>>> domain p2pf.net from me to you, hosting it on your servers and start an
>>> experimental (not visible) installation of wordpress multisite. In the
>>> meantime all is left untouched on p2pfoundation.net domain. When all is
>>> ready you can decide if closing blog.p2pfoundation.net redirecting to
>>> p2pf.net or not.
> wp-mu isn't difficult to configure, here you have the config for
> nginx[0], having a dns that can serve wildcard domains saves a lot of
> work (as in send *.p2pf.net to p2pf.net instead of replying nothing.)
> you'll also need the domain mapping plugin if you want to host blogs on
> this install using their own domains.
> there's also a plugin, iirc called qtranslate, that allows to publish
> translations along with the post, so you can have the main site in
> different languages.
> i can give a hand on this :)
> my nick is fauno on freenode and oftc, i don't know if you have an irc
> channel.
> [0]: https://github.com/fauno/nginx-config/blob/master/sites/00wp.hackcoop.com.ar.conf
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