[P2P-F] open capital License?

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2013/2/5 flawer <flawer at shareful.be>

> > a) it decides whether the tools for the project are created and by
> > whom they are used.
> > b) they decide the price of those tools( through lending).
> >
> > After this analysis, we see that a bank does decide what the economy
> > produces. In general, the owner of money controls the economy because
> > of those 2 reasons.
> >
> > Any ruleset thus has to find a way to remove those abilities from
> > money.
> if you attach a contract that promises the universalization of access
> you are giving more responsability and less rights to ownership (what
> money could buy), you won't be able to ask for money for the produced
> thing, and should let others use it, etc, so investing in my property is
> increasing my responsability, so i'd like to share that charge (peer
> property) and i'd like not being owner of too many things (i prefer to
> be plain user). the "a)" reason you mention is mentioned to be universal
> use by default.
> Yes, this solves a). it is one way to do it.

> i believe a job agency of workers investing their sales/budgets for the
> commons can be bought by a rich in $ (and it's an internal matter of us
> whether we know how to spend well the $ and if we still need to 'accept'
> them), and this not being a power over from the rich in $ towards us. It
> is rather a way we should experiment more, we shouldn't have much
> competition in the actual 'market' if we corporate so.

There could be accumulation even inside our own currency.
Also, it shouldnt be the choice of an individual, or a specific group, it
should be a property of the monetary system itself.
This is known as the prisoners

> also the clausing of community currencies with the shareful producing
> condition, whether they choose the shareful project to be just accesible
> for their associates or for the whole world, should help defining their
> values and even justify the giving of 'basic incomes' for shareful
> producers works in this way (who could buy preferent use/access for
> those produced shareful things) (who could require to retain the
> ownership of the shareful production or give it to the corp)
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