[Centre] Work in the bid

Volker Grassmuck vgrass at rz.hu-berlin.de
Sat Aug 20 18:20:54 CEST 2011

Dear Sean,

thank you for taking the initiative on drafting the EoI. I’m happy to work on the parts I can, but for many of the issues of how the Centre plugs into the Southampton structures and into UK contract and budget rules local knowledge is essential.

Am 19.08.2011 um 10:26 schrieb Cubitt S.R.:

> Here are Diana Galpin's notes; followed by her response to my suggestion
> that Volker might be the director. I need to know the legal standing of
> P2P (registered charoty / trust / not-for-profit / country/ies of
> incirporation etc for these pruposes; also Volker I am presuming you are
> freelance for these purposes: can you send me a CV

I’m under contract at Paderborn University until the end of September. Not quite clear where the next half year will take me. But whatever it will be, I’ll make sure that I’ll be available for our Centre. CV coming up in separate mail.

> Diana:
> Careful on the automatic ³employ Volker as a director² front being your
> easy fix as any role would need to be advertised externally following
> usual University of Southampton HR and recruitment policiesŠ

I see.

> I am also not
> entirely sure whether due to limitations on our insurance, health & safety
> risks & complexities of then having to adopt local employment laws etc
> that we would employ someone to be permanently based overseas

I’d be happy to move to Southampton for the initial four years and possibly longer. 


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