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Tue Aug 9 10:51:42 CEST 2011

field) I wonder whether Queen Mary=B9s University of London =8Cs Centre for
Commercial Law Studies might be quite a big hitter as they do quite a bit
in IT and Media law=8A. ? They certainly fielded a few people to the
Christopher Millard provides them with a close link to Oxford=B9s Internet
Institute as he is part-time at both.
Subject to our wanting to lead would it be worth seeing if they were
putting in for a bid at all and potentially offer to link with them?
Indeed we could ask them anyway in order to gauge if they are competition.
Also Bournemouth University Centre for IP & Policy Management - well be thinking of going for
it in which ditto in relation to partnering/competing with them?
Link to Hargreaves report in case you don=B9t already have it (you probably
do as it has been mentioned previously)
but also there are a number of supporting documents which are informative
Some other suggestions in case they are of help:
1) Would you agree any bid might benefit from some of the following as
partners/ representatives in steering capacity in addition to the various
industry sectors identified in the call?
-British Library
-Selection of Law Firms leading in this field
-Collecting societiesy / copyright licensing agencies
2) Another refreshing inclusion could be around the education piece
(strong theme in Hargreaves) potentially building a strand about
curriculum development during schooling years rather than leaving for
businesses to tackle it and later stage learning?
3) The expectation should certainly be to have UK IPO on any steering
panel which I believe is implicit from the call. The University also has
links to the CBI Intellectual Property Committee which includes a number
of the major players in some of the industry sectors involved. If we were
to lead it may be possible to link through to them for a steering group
representative. I can assist in providing that link if there is a decision
to lead.
Overall we must be mindful of the selection criteria for the 1st stage:
=B7         fit to the call specification
=80 demonstrable expertise in delivering excellent and relevant research
=80 strength of vision and leadership
=80 the added value of the Centre=B9s overall aims, approach and activities
(i.e. the Centre should be more than the sum of its parts)
=80 the strength of any proposed partnerships between partner institutions
and the infrastructural support offered by all partners, especially the
host institution
=80 the quality and potential of existing and proposed partnerships with
stakeholders and other, non-academic organisations and the nature of the
=80 the extent to which proposed activities respond to current priorities
and potential future challenges
=80 potential to deliver impact
=80 plans for a sustainable legacy
=80 value for money (including the potential to obtain additional income).
I am not sure if there is a follow up meeting but if one is planned will
engage should you want.
Kind Regards
Diana Galpin=20
Senior Legal Adviser
Research & Innovation Services
Direct Tel: 023 8059 8673
Mobile: 07979852362
Fax: 023 8059 8671=20
Dear Diana
Do we assume that any bid led by Professor Ian Hargreaves, Chair of
Digital Economy at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural
Studies/ Cardiff Business School is a very strong contender given that the
Government has just accepted all ten recommendations made in his
independent review on intellectual property?  If so, does the group have
any good connections it can exploit, or a history of collaborating with
Cardiff in this area? Or is it too late to pursue that avenue?
Kind regards
Niki Price
Bid Manager
Research & Innovation Services

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