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Dear Sean, all,

Am 08.08.2011 um 15:57 schrieb Cubitt S.R.:

> Hi
> We have had meetings with other research staff at southampton. I'll attach
> / paste the record of the meeting. There are suggestions that this  may
> not be a very open call, but none of us know for sure.  

The suspicion is always there, especially with highly politicized endeavours as this one. But if there are indications already should we invest the energy at all? Are there ways for confirming this?

> I said I woud try
> to circulate something early this week in draft but was delayed returning
> from Amsterdam. We also have some ideas of other collaborators, especially
> along the south coast - there are strong reasons to go for collaboratons.
> This relates to another important thoughtin the notes: creative industries
> are characteristically small - family / individual  small group practices
> in design etc etc. Big collaborators may or may not help understand their
> economics. Regional associations wd be an excellent way to reach many
> small companies - better tyhan contacting one big one.

Important point and great idea. I wouldn’t be able to help with UK regional associations though.

> I also suggest we
> work with entreprises who may have diffeent ideas, especially in
> distribution - people like Rough Trade Records, or Lux film-video
> distributors: indie distribution has always lived from hand to mouth but
> can't afford - usually - open access

Some do. Vodo.net comes to mind. Jamie King would actually be a great person to cooperate with. But then should that be an institutional partnership that would lend weight to the EoI? A sectorial association of SMEs might. But Vodo, I think would be great for an in-depth study on voluntary payments, comparing it to Rough Trade etc., challenging the assumption that they can’t afford free access, building on the work of Yochai Benkler et al., Everything in Its Right Place: Social Cooperation and Artist Compensation

> It is a pain they have chosen this time of year: suggests they are keen to
> reduce the number of centres competing
> I'll try to outline a workable idea overnight or tomorrow morning - it has
> to go round our Southampton colleagues in busines school, engineering and
> compter science etc, alliances which are not as conservarive as I feared,
> by any means, but have what they regard - probably with reason - as a more
> realistic apprach to the process of persuading a now throughly ideological
> grant-giving appararus reasons to give us the money

Very good. A good portion of strategic realism and knowledge of the apparatus we’re dealing with is certainly necessary to succeed.


> sean
> On 07/08/2011 22:23, "Volker Grassmuck" <vgrass at rz.hu-berlin.de> wrote:
>> Dear Franco, all,
>> thanks for pinging us. Yes, you are absolutely right, we have to get
>> moving. I was delayed due to my Lebanon trip and a crashed computer but I
>> did start to work on the sections off-wiki. I am confident that we will
>> be able to work out appealing proposals to most of them. However, two I
>> think are time-critical.
>> Since it is an 80% funding, we will have to come up with an additional
>> £1.25 million. Google came to mind. They just committed €4,5 million to
>> an Institute for Internet and Society at Humboldt University that will be
>> launched in October. That might make it less likely that they support
>> another research institute but I could ask. The question is would we feel
>> comfortable with Google? Which other funding partners could you think of?
>> How much could University of Southampton contribute, if any? Do
>> contributions in kind count, i.e. infrastructure for hosting the Centre?
>> What could be sources of sustained funding after the four-year period?
>> Can we mention EU FP8 calls even though we know that the success rate is
>> only 10%? 
>> The other issue that will take time is finding partners. Here are some
>> candidates:
>> - Berkman Center, Harvard
>> - Center for Technology and Society, FGV Rio
>> - NEXA Center for Internet and Society, Politecnico di Torino
>> - IvIR, Amsterdam
>> - MPI for Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Munich
>> - the COMMUNIA Non-Profit Association
>> - Rufus, Pollock, Open Knowledge Foundation
>> - Philippe Aigrain, Paris
>> - Alan Story, University of Kent
>> Depending on what issues we want to highlight (e.g. open access, privacy,
>> mobile phones, collective management) others come to mind. Given the
>> strong emphasis on creative industries, partners from some of the sectors
>> would certainly be an asset, e.g. the new Games Lab at Paderborn
>> University. But very likely these should be UK institutions which I am
>> less familiar with. How about Mute Magazine?
>> I could approach all of those mentioned but would like to get feedback
>> from you first. Shall we brainstorm on funding and partners over the next
>> days? I will also send drafts on the other sections so we have something
>> to work with. 
>> Best,
>> Volker
>> Am 07.08.2011 um 15:31 schrieb Franco Iacomella:
>>> Hi to all,
>>> we are almost one month behind the deadline and we got no progress at
>>> all in the proposal writing for the "Centre for Copyright and New
>>> Business Models in the Creative Economy"
>>> (http://p2pfoundation.net/projects/doku.php/centre:resume).
>>> At this point we would need to evaluate if we got the necessary
>>> commitment to achieve the proposal preparation objective. It would be
>>> good to know if Jussi and Volker would be able to lead this project as
>>> was expected.
>>> Thanks and best regards,
>>> -- 
>>> Franco Iacomella
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