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Tue Aug 9 10:51:42 CEST 2011

field) I wonder whether Queen Mary=C2=B9s University of London =C5=92s Cent=
re for<br>
Commercial Law Studies might be quite a big hitter as they do quite a bit<b=
in IT and Media law=C5=A0. ? They certainly fielded a few people to the<br>
workshop. =C2=A0<a href=3D"
l" target=3D"_blank"></a><=
Christopher Millard provides them with a close link to Oxford=C2=B9s Intern=
Institute as he is part-time at both.<br>
Subject to our wanting to lead would it be worth seeing if they were<br>
putting in for a bid at all and potentially offer to link with them?<br>
Indeed we could ask them anyway in order to gauge if they are competition.<=
Also Bournemouth University Centre for IP &amp; Policy Management -<br>
<a href=3D"" target=3D"_blank">ht=
tp://</a> well be thinking of going for<=
it in which ditto in relation to partnering/competing with them?<br>
Link to Hargreaves report in case you don=C2=B9t already have it (you proba=
do as it has been mentioned previously)<br>
<a href=3D"" target=3D"_blank=
but also there are a number of supporting documents which are informative<b=
<a href=3D"" target=3D=
Some other suggestions in case they are of help:<br>
1) Would you agree any bid might benefit from some of the following as<br>
partners/ representatives in steering capacity in addition to the various<b=
industry sectors identified in the call?<br>
-British Library<br>
-Selection of Law Firms leading in this field<br>
-Collecting societiesy / copyright licensing agencies<br>
2) Another refreshing inclusion could be around the education piece<br>
(strong theme in Hargreaves) potentially building a strand about<br>
curriculum development during schooling years rather than leaving for<br>
businesses to tackle it and later stage learning?<br>
3) The expectation should certainly be to have UK IPO on any steering<br>
panel which I believe is implicit from the call. The University also has<br=
links to the CBI Intellectual Property Committee which includes a number<br=
of the major players in some of the industry sectors involved. If we were<b=
to lead it may be possible to link through to them for a steering group<br>
representative. I can assist in providing that link if there is a decision<=
to lead.<br>
Overall we must be mindful of the selection criteria for the 1st stage:<br>
=C2=B7 =C2=A0 =C2=A0 =C2=A0 =C2=A0 fit to the call specification<br>
=E2=82=AC demonstrable expertise in delivering excellent and relevant resea=
=E2=82=AC strength of vision and leadership<br>
=E2=82=AC the added value of the Centre=C2=B9s overall aims, approach and a=
(i.e. the Centre should be more than the sum of its parts)<br>
=E2=82=AC the strength of any proposed partnerships between partner institu=
and the infrastructural support offered by all partners, especially the<br>
host institution<br>
=E2=82=AC the quality and potential of existing and proposed partnerships w=
stakeholders and other, non-academic organisations and the nature of the<br=
=E2=82=AC the extent to which proposed activities respond to current priori=
and potential future challenges<br>
=E2=82=AC potential to deliver impact<br>
=E2=82=AC plans for a sustainable legacy<br>
=E2=82=AC value for money (including the potential to obtain additional inc=
I am not sure if there is a follow up meeting but if one is planned will<br=
engage should you want.<br>
Kind Regards<br>
Diana Galpin<br>
Senior Legal Adviser<br>
Research &amp; Innovation Services<br>
Direct Tel: 023 8059 8673<br>
Mobile: 07979852362<br>
Fax: 023 8059 8671<br>
<a href=3D"" target=3D"_blank">www.sou=</a><br>
Dear Diana<br>
Do we assume that any bid led by Professor Ian Hargreaves, Chair of<br>
Digital Economy at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural<br>
Studies/ Cardiff Business School is a very strong contender given that the<=
Government has just accepted all ten recommendations made in his<br>
independent review on intellectual property? =C2=A0If so, does the group ha=
any good connections it can exploit, or a history of collaborating with<br>
Cardiff in this area? Or is it too late to pursue that avenue?<br>
Kind regards<br>
Niki Price<br>
Bid Manager<br>
Research &amp; Innovation Services<br>
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