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Mon Jan 19 11:53:34 CET 2009

gracias por el feedback, samer, muy interesante todo; la carta de Maciej es
muy reveladora. gracias

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 11:47, Samer <samer2004 en> wrote:

> Muy buenas :)
> Están insistiendo en algunas cosas que yo creía que quedaban claras en la
> presentación, jummm...
> Más que he recibido:
>    - Poner traspas de "por qué esto es mejor que Facebook", "Why kune is
>    for you" etc etc etc al principio. No sé, es un debate que habíamos cerrado,
>    ahora dicen que se entendería por dónde van los tiros y se vería con otros
>    ojos el vídeo.
>    - Y el rollo de poner ejemplos populares y sus diferencias con ellos,
>    más explícitas, lo haría más "terrenal". Me sugieren que se explique al
>    principio algo rollo "qué aporta respecto al Messenger, Facebook, Google
>    Docs...". Aunque quizá esto vendría mejor en una versión del vídeo "para
>    todos los públicos".
>    - Lo de elegir "project" o "community" no se entiende.
>    - No se pilla bien (a pesar de que se explicita) lo de que se presenta
>    la parte del workspace pero no la parte pública.
>    - La música tiene más adeptos que detractores :)
> Y además, transcribo íntegro el feedback de un colega polaco, para tomar
> nota:
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Maciej M. Latek
> Date: Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 20:18
> Subject: Re: Please, check it out
> Samer
> First, I must admit that I'm impressed with the way Kune looks and works. I
> heard that GWT is powerful, but did not suspect that such a small team would
> be able to accomplish so much: would you care to estimate how many work
> hours were devoted to this project?
> Second, I hope that you do not have expectations of only praise from such
> an old grizzled man like me, so I will cut short and ask following:
>    1. This thing is to be deployed by the end-user on it's own desktop or
>    would an community server be supported?
>    2. If it is supposed to be deployed by the end-user, you would be hard
>    pressed to point to advantages over other open-source CMS system (I have
>    some experience with Joomla (great, and those thousands extensions for it,
>    including all the blogs and social networking features) and one thing for
>    class management moodle, which sucks). Of course, I might be missing
>    something, but at least you could build a table what is in Kune that is
>    missing from, say, Joomla? Is it just the hippy/anarchist/leftist feel to it
>    with plenty of licences to choose from, or something that GWT enables
>    AJAX/php doesn't?
>    3. One big red flag: can a user subscribe to a page to get
>    automatically notified about the changes to it (like RSS / Trac feeds)? And
>    where is my SVN (right, I know you might be targeting different crowd)?
>    4. Would I be able to use / reuse as plugins other GWT applications?
>    Like stuff from my igoogle homepage?
>    5. How do you expect to compete with assembla where I get all the
>    features and server space for free (for users if not money)?
>    6. Would you be able to point me to a website / existing online
>    community which would be better off migrating to Kune?
> As You see, those are mostly framing questions, in terms whom exactly Kune
> targets and what incremental benefit it offers over existing solutions /
> whether you can reuse community effort from other projects in an effortless
> manner. And, of course, those are just my random issues and feel free to
> disregard them.
> Once again, great job and my best regards,
> Maciek
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