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Samer samer2004 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 11:47:08 CET 2009

Muy buenas :)

Están insistiendo en algunas cosas que yo creía que quedaban claras en la
presentación, jummm...

Más que he recibido:

   - Poner traspas de "por qué esto es mejor que Facebook", "Why kune is for
   you" etc etc etc al principio. No sé, es un debate que habíamos cerrado,
   ahora dicen que se entendería por dónde van los tiros y se vería con otros
   ojos el vídeo.
   - Y el rollo de poner ejemplos populares y sus diferencias con ellos, más
   explícitas, lo haría más "terrenal". Me sugieren que se explique al
   principio algo rollo "qué aporta respecto al Messenger, Facebook, Google
   Docs...". Aunque quizá esto vendría mejor en una versión del vídeo "para
   todos los públicos".
   - Lo de elegir "project" o "community" no se entiende.
   - No se pilla bien (a pesar de que se explicita) lo de que se presenta la
   parte del workspace pero no la parte pública.
   - La música tiene más adeptos que detractores :)

Y además, transcribo íntegro el feedback de un colega polaco, para tomar

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From: Maciej M. Latek
Date: Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 20:18
Subject: Re: Please, check it out


First, I must admit that I'm impressed with the way Kune looks and works. I
heard that GWT is powerful, but did not suspect that such a small team would
be able to accomplish so much: would you care to estimate how many work
hours were devoted to this project?

Second, I hope that you do not have expectations of only praise from such an
old grizzled man like me, so I will cut short and ask following:

   1. This thing is to be deployed by the end-user on it's own desktop or
   would an community server be supported?
   2. If it is supposed to be deployed by the end-user, you would be hard
   pressed to point to advantages over other open-source CMS system (I have
   some experience with Joomla (great, and those thousands extensions for it,
   including all the blogs and social networking features) and one thing for
   class management moodle, which sucks). Of course, I might be missing
   something, but at least you could build a table what is in Kune that is
   missing from, say, Joomla? Is it just the hippy/anarchist/leftist feel to it
   with plenty of licences to choose from, or something that GWT enables
   AJAX/php doesn't?
   3. One big red flag: can a user subscribe to a page to get automatically
   notified about the changes to it (like RSS / Trac feeds)? And where is my
   SVN (right, I know you might be targeting different crowd)?
   4. Would I be able to use / reuse as plugins other GWT applications? Like
   stuff from my igoogle homepage?
   5. How do you expect to compete with assembla where I get all the
   features and server space for free (for users if not money)?
   6. Would you be able to point me to a website / existing online community
   which would be better off migrating to Kune?

As You see, those are mostly framing questions, in terms whom exactly Kune
targets and what incremental benefit it offers over existing solutions /
whether you can reuse community effort from other projects in an effortless
manner. And, of course, those are just my random issues and feel free to
disregard them.

Once again, great job and my best regards,

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