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Chao Lu loochao.list at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 09:09:09 CET 2015

Dear list,

I'm trying to use evil-ace-jump-char-mode by:
(evil-leader/set-key "," 'evil-ace-jump-word-mode) ; ,, for Ace Jump (word)
(evil-leader/set-key "l" 'evil-ace-jump-line-mode) ; ,l for Ace Jump (line)

However, this seems not to be working with errors like:

let: Wrong type argument: commandp, ace-jump-word-mode

So I went into evil-integration.el and found indeed this is not a
interactive function.
(*evil-define-motion evil-ace-jump-word-mode* (count)
  "Jump visually to the beginning of a word using ace-jump."
  :type exclusive
  :repeat abort
      (call-interactively 'ace-jump-word-mode))))

So I'm wondering how people is make use of ace-jump... Since there's
configuration files like
having lines like:

             "SPC"   'evil-ace-jump-char-mode
             "S-SPC" 'evil-ace-jump-word-mode
             "C-SPC" 'evil-ace-jump-line-mode

Which apparently treat those as interactive functions to make use of...

I'm confused. So is there any comments/advice?


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