Self-introduction of a new vimpulse user

Vegard Øye vegard_oye at
Sun Oct 31 18:38:37 CET 2010

Hi Christoph, welcome to the list!

We no longer use Trac, so the mailing list is indeed the preferred
medium for bug reports. By the way, which Emacs version are you using?

Note that Vimpulse is now hosted at Gitorious, not Assembla.
The project URL is, and you can
clone the repository with

    git clone git://

To get the latest Git commits, use "git pull"; to see a list of
updates, use "git log". (If something stinks, you can always revert
to an earlier commit with "git checkout <SHA-1>" -- e.g.,
"git checkout a007716". To go back to the newest commit, use
"git checkout master".)

I will be pushing some fixes to the repository in the upcoming days.


PS: Your e-mails are not wrapped properly. Could you please
toggle autowrapping in KMail or use "M-q" in Emacs? Thanks!

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