Self-introduction of a new vimpulse user

Christoph LANGE ch.lange at
Sun Oct 31 19:20:27 CET 2010

Hi Vegard, hi all,

thanks a lot for your quick help!

Sunday 2010-10-31 18:38 Vegard Øye:
> We no longer use Trac, so the mailing list is indeed the preferred
> medium for bug reports. By the way, which Emacs version are you using?

GNU Emacs 23.2 on Linux (Gtk/ interface)

> Note that Vimpulse is now hosted at Gitorious, not Assembla.

Sorry, it was easy to misunderstand that from my comments, but I was
aware of that. The only reason why I referred to Assembla was the
Trac, for which I had not noticed a replacement.

> ...
> To get the latest Git commits, use "git pull"; to see a list of
> updates, use "git log". (If something stinks, you can always revert
> to an earlier commit with "git checkout <SHA-1>" -- e.g.,
> "git checkout a007716". To go back to the newest commit, use
> "git checkout master".)

But thanks for these git hints – all that is good to know.

> PS: Your e-mails are not wrapped properly. Could you please
> toggle autowrapping in KMail or use "M-q" in Emacs? Thanks!

I should have realized that reading non-wrapped mails is particularly
inconvenient in the online list archive.  And of course I should
respect the preferences of the recipients of my mails, i.e. you.  So I
hope I won't forget wrapping mails to this list any more.

Other than that, and I'm aware that on a list related to text editors,
I am opening a can of worms, my opinion is: Most contemporary mail
clients wrap mails with long lines to the width of the window. 70
characters on a widescreen is IMHO not always user-friendly. I, as the
reader of a mail, would like to have full control over the display of
a mail, and when the mail contains long lines, I have full control in
that I can resize the window as preferred. I know few mail clients
that give me that much control if the lines of a mail are wrapped,
i.e. mail clients that would re-wrap such mails from, say, 70 to 90
columns, if my window is 90 columns wide. (Maybe mutt can do that, I
don't recall.) For that reason I intentionally switched to non-wrapped
lines in e-mails some time ago.



Christoph Lange, Jacobs Univ. Bremen,, Skype duke4701
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