Self-introduction of a new vimpulse user

Christoph LANGE langec at
Sat Oct 30 23:07:39 CEST 2010

Hi all,

let me introduce myself as a new user of vimpulse.  I have been using it for around two weeks or so and studied most of the list archives, as I was eager to learn as much as possible.

My background: I'm an experienced user of both Emacs and vim; I used to use Emacs for large files (e.g. large LaTeX documents) and tracking my working hours with org-mode (still need to learn more about the other features of org-mode), and vim for small files (e.g. configuration files).  Vimpulse now enables me to combine vi's healthy key bindings with Emacs's rich functionality.  I also know some Emacs Lisp (unfortunately not yet enough for actively contributing to vimpulse), whereas I have never really customized vim.

For the record:  I hardly know more about git than "clone" and "pull", but I think it's worth running vimpulse from the git sources – which I do.  I have bound the tab key to viper-intercept-ESC-key and appreciate that it is so easy now, with vmap and imap.  I have vimpulse-surround and viper-in-more-modes installed.  Eventually I will also give vim-mode a try, but so far I'm quite busy and vimpulse works well.

A few more mails with bug reports and feature requests will follow within the next days.

Cheers, thanks for vimpulse, and keep the good work up,


PS: This mail was sent from KMail (KDE), where I had been using gvim as an external editor for composing mails so far.  But now I have switched that to Emacs+vimpulse, using post-mode (and some abbrevs), which boosted my productivity in writing mails.

Christoph Lange,, Skype duke4701
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