vimpulse bug: visual-line does not select final newline

Štěpán Němec stepnem at
Wed Aug 18 18:00:21 CEST 2010

Craig Tenney <tenneycr at> writes:

> Thanks. Although Vim grabs the newline with "v$", I often find myself typing
> "v$h" to get what I really wanted, so I won't vote either way on that
> particular
> aspect of the issue.

I always use Y (remapped to y$ both in Vim and Vimpulse) for that, which
leaves the newline out.

> Not having "V" (visual-line) grab the final newline, however, prevents easy
> copying of lines, and that's keeping me solidly in Vim for now.

I always use yy for copying single lines including the newline.

*But* I can't actually reproduce any of the difference you described
between V in Vim and Vimpulse, even the Vyp case.

[Just in case it could affect solidity of your Vim position. ;-P ] 


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