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Marius Andersen rezonatix3 at yahoo.no
Sat Jun 20 23:04:00 CEST 2009

> Fra: Alessandro Piras <laynor at gmail.com>
> Emne: Re: [implementations-list] I want to contribute!
> Til: "Vi/Vim implementations list" <implementations-list at lists.ourproject.org>
> Dato: Onsdag 17. juni 2009 15.15
> I  didn't remember how  much the visual selection sucked, in particular:
> GVj => the last raw of text is not selected.

For block (rectangular) selection, there's a nice mode included with Cua-mode (http://www.emacswiki.org/CuaMode). It's probably overlooked by many because Cua-mode's primary function is to overwrite the standard Emacs keys and use `C-v', `C-c', and `C-x' to paste, copy, and cut, but this can be avoided by loading the mode as such:

    (cua-mode t)
    (setq cua-enable-cua-keys nil)

Then, to enter block selection mode, hit `C-RET'.

What do you think? Is it better?

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