[PeDAGoG] Please help signing and gathering support: Open letter to leave the oil in the soil in the Yasuni - Ecuadorian Amazon Forest

Miriam Lang miriam.lang at uasb.edu.ec
Fri Jul 28 13:21:43 CEST 2023

Dear Friends,

we have drafted this open letter for the Yasuní campaign in the Ecuador group of the Ecosocial and Intercultural Pact of the South<https://pactoecosocialdelsur.com/manifesto-for-an-ecosocial-energy-transition-from-the-peoples-of-the-south/%7d>, as something that should be said from outside and does not seem to be and intromission into internal politics of Ecuador.
On 20 August 2023, the people of Ecuador are called to a historic referendum: they will decide whether oil exploitation should be extended into the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest or banned there forever. In the Yasuni National Park, the region in question, there are more species of trees and shrubs on a single hectare than on the entire North American continent. The popular decision of 20 August is not only about the future: It also involves dismantling the oil infrastructure that should never have been installed in a part of the Yasuní National Park, namely in Block 43 or ITT. More information is in the letter itself.

We are asking you to gather as massive support as possible, from all over the world, and as quickly as possible so that we can go public with a letter that has impact on the public opinion in the next week. It can be people from art, politics, academics, whatever. But also organisations are important!

Here is the letter:


It would be great if you could forward it to some people you know.

Thanks in advance for your solidarity!

Take care,


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