[PeDAGoG] article on Zapatista autonomous education & the pluriverse

Jorge Garcia Arias (Ule) jrgara at unileon.es
Mon Jul 24 11:11:24 CEST 2023

Dear colleagues,

This article on Zapatista autonomous education ( 'educaciĆ³n verdadera') as
a pluriversal alternative that we have just released in the *British
Journal of Sociology of Education* may be of interest to the members of the
Decolonizing education in Latin America: critical environmental and
intercultural education as an indigenous pluriversal alternative

Unfortunately, there is a paywall established by the journal, but the first
50 accesses with this link can read it for free.

In any case, if you are interested in the paper just send us a personal
email and we'll sort it out.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please *send them directly to the
authors, and not to the list as a whole*, so as not to overload it with

Thank you, and all best wishes,



Jorge Garcia-Arias, PhD

Full Professor, International Political Economy & Critical Development

University of Leon (Spain)

jrgara at unileon.es

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