[PeDAGoG] [Global U & ARENA] 23 June - Chiapas - Javier Vargas Mendoza and Kathryn Seib Vargas (Mexico)

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2022 South South Dialogue on Sustainability

*Experiences with Indigenous Communities in Chiapas: Cosmovision
and Sustainability*


Global University for Sustainability

CCRD, Lingnan University

Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives


Javier Vargas Mendoza and Kathryn Seib Vargas currently work in ‘Educating
Transform Us’. They were deeply involved in the local organizing of the
indigenous communities in Chiapas, Mexico, in the 1960-80s. Inspired by
liberation theology, and working with Bishop Samuel Ruiz, they had
interacted with and learned from the indigenous communities while working
with them to respond to the adversities and keep nurturing hope. This
series of 7 lectures, divided into 13 parts according to the Mayan cosmic
vision, will present the speakers’ personal trajectories, affections, and
reflections, of their prime years living with the indigenous communities.
The presentations will come with images and songs.

Speakers: Javier Vargas Mendoza (Mexico) and Kathryn Seib Vargas (Mexico)

Dates: Thursdays (20 Jan, 24 Feb, 24 March, 28 April, 26 May, *23 June*,
and 28 July 2022)

*Time: Querétaro 08:00-10:00; China 21:00–23:00; UTC 13:00–15:00*

Languages: Spanish (with English and Chinese simultaneous interpreting)

*ZOOM Registration:*


Video recordings on the Global U websites




[image: Chiapas Poster - English V 20220425.jpg]

薛翠 (西南大学乡村振兴战略研究院)
Dr. SIT Tsui, Jade Margaret
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Southwest University, Chongqing, China (Postal code: 400715)
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