[PeDAGoG] A new article on REDWeb, "A Sisyphean Politics of Desire - Camus' Philosophy in the Anthropocene"

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A new article, "A Sisyphean Politics of Desire - Camus' Philosophy in the
Anthropocene" has been uploaded on REDWeb:


Albert Camus’ outstanding scrutiny of the human condition using the lens of
the “absurd” has afforded post-war western society an insight into its
intensifying socio-psychological ennui and fatigue. Yet, is that somewhat
edifying self-reflection enough to discern and intervene in the current
unceasing tumble into an environmental and economic dystopia? Adam Cogan
examines Camus’ “The Myth of Sisyphus” to weigh the suitability of its
message to effect societal mediations, and concludes that a world beyond
Camus’ faltering exhortations needs to be fervidly reimagined to contest
the “despondency of capitalist realism, and the destruction it condones.”

Please take a look and join the discussion on REDWeb listserv or the
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