[PeDAGoG] A late introduction

Udi Mandel udi at enlivenedlearning.com
Fri Jun 4 09:25:37 CEST 2021

Dear kindred folk

I have been following with interest the activities of the PeDAGoG list but
have not yet introduced myself. My name is Udi Mandel, currently based in
Hawai’i (originally from Brazil, with sometime in the UK and Costa Rica).
After spending a number of years teaching in academia in the UK (mainly
social anthropology and international development), and fed up with the
neo-liberalisation of higher ed, with my wife Kelly Teamey (who is also
following on this list) we left academia to explore a number of alternative
higher education places around the world through the project
enlivenedlearning.com (and made two films in the process: Re-learning Hope:
A Story of Unitierra <https://vimeo.com/172681670> and Re-Learning the
Land: A Story of Red Crow College <https://vimeo.com/128091605>
<https://vimeo.com/128091605>). With other friends encountered in this
journey we then co-founded the Ecoversities Alliance (
http://ecoversities.org/) as a community of learning practitioners from
around the world committed to re-imagining higher education to cultivate
human and ecological flourishing and learning from each other in solidarity

More recently a group of us have started the Enlivened Cooperative (a
non-profit, organized as a worker-owned cooperative) offering courses,
programs and research with a perspective of bringing different knowledge
systems and paradigms together for eco-social flourishing. We envision the
Enlivened Cooperative as a platform through which to bring together kindred
folks to offer various learning-related possibilities collectively. Here is
a link to our website: http://enlivenedcooperative.org

An example of the kind of course we want to offer, this summer we have
- *Arboreal
Learning with Cacao: Fermenting Beans, Community and Planetary Solidarity* -
a delicious experiential 12 week online course (that tastes different)
learning about cacao, chocolate and eco-social regeneration through the
lens of cacao. Through the relationship of cacao to multiple cultures
(Mesoamerican, Afro-Caribbean, regenerative agroforestry, craft
chocolatiers), and through the perspective of a cacao tree, learners will
experience different phases of the chocolate-making process (from bean to
bar), experiment with recipes and tastings at home and explore their own
place - local ecology and community through a series of lectures,
conversations and invited tasks. Here is the link to the course:

I wanted to make this introduction too at this stage as there is a meeting
on the 6th (too late for us here in Hawai'i) and we would be interested to
see ways of collaborating on collective teaching and research.

With aloha

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