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Dear colleagues, some of the links below, esp. the last one, may be of use,


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 From Paul Raskin [praskin at tellus.org <mailto:praskin at tellus.org>]

Dear GTN Colleagues,

Many thanks to all who contributed to the uncommonly rich and 
provocative exchange on the Anthropocene. As you may know, the entire 
discussion is posted on the GTN site here 
. In addition, we have assembled a representative subset of comments 
into a public GTI Forum now on our homepage 
<https://greattransition.org/> . Please spread the word.

Our next discussion will be “the pedagogy of transition,” a theme that I 
hope will inspire the educators among you to share your experiences with 
innovative teaching and curriculum development. Stephen Sterling’s 
opening essay, “Educating for the Future We Want,” will set the table. 
I’ll kick this off March 1.

On another front, I’d like to again draw your attention to the important 
new volume /The New Systems Reader/ 
<https://democracycollaborative.org/newsystemsreader> , co-edited by GTN 
stalwart Gus Speth. It assembles a diverse collection of perspectives on 
the contours of a better system, including contributions from several 
GTN colleagues (disclosure: I’m one of them). Speaking of pedagogy, a 
downloadable study guide 
helps make the Reader an invaluable teaching resource.


To submit a comment for this GTN discussion, click reply or send it to 
jcohn at tellus.org. /Expect a delay between the submission and posting./
You can review the discussion here 
<https://greattransition.org/announcements/news#3373>, where you can 
also submit your comment by replying to any previously posted comment.

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