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Dear all,

I hope it's okay to make a quick advertisement for my - very first - book, Revolutions in Learning and Education from India: Pathways towards the Pluriverse<https://www.routledge.com/Revolutions-in-Learning-and-Education-from-India-Pathways-towards-the-Pluriverse/Neusiedl/p/book/9780367648770>, which is being published this month by Routledge. It also features a foreword by our dear Ashish Kothari 🙂. There is a global hardback copy available, mostly to be ordered by academic libraries when you look at the price, a somewhat affordable Ebook version, and a better affordable paperback version for the Indian market, which will be published this month by Manohar Books (if none of those options work for you, feel free to send me an email!). Below you will find the book abstract. If anyone gets a chance to read the book I'd be excited to get your feedback and discuss more.



This book offers an important critique of the ways in which mainstream education contributes to perpetuate an inherently unjust and exploitative Development model. Instead, the book proposes a new anarchistic, postdevelopmental framework that goes beyond Development and schooling to ask what really makes a meaningful life.

Challenging the notion of Development as a win-win relationship between civil society, the state and the private sector, the book argues that Development perpetuates a hierarchical world order and that the education system serves to reinforce and re-legitimise this unequal order. Drawing on real-life examples of ‘unschooling’ and ‘self-designed learning’ in India, the book demonstrates that more autonomous approaches such as these can help to fundamentally challenge dominant ideas of education, equality, development and what it means to lead meaningful lives.

The interdisciplinary approach pursued in this book makes it perfect for anyone with interests across the areas of education, development studies, radical political theory and philosophy.

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