[PeDAGoG] "Anthropocene skills need to be at the centre of curricula"

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Thanks for this tiny wonderful article . I will use the following quote from the article 

the role of universities must go far beyond coming up with new technologies or even teaching critical thinking. What is needed is a wholesale re-imagining of the world, and this requires education that(1) helps us envisage alternative futures, (2) gives us tools to communicate our visions and (3) agonise with others over their visions, helping us realise our agency as political beings.


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Dear All, 


I thought this article might be of interest: "Anthropocene Skills Need to be at the Centre of Curricula"


"What is the role of universities at such a moment of heightened collective and individual responsibility? Many would argue that universities simply need to keep on doing what they are already doing: innovating, coming up with new technologies, looking for solutions to the climate crisis.

This view, however, relegates universities to a position in which they simply help fulfil agendas decided elsewhere, reacting to developments as they unfold rather than actively re-shaping humanity’s trajectory. This is a far cry from living up to the demands of the historical moment we are in."







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