[PeDAGoG] Open Discussion and Updates (December 2020)

John Foran foran at soc.ucsb.edu
Thu Dec 3 03:37:35 CET 2020

This gathering begins on Thursday...

*Virtual Planetary Gathering 2020*


We have designed this year’s Global Gathering as a learning journey that
supports us to embrace this madness of a year. *The learning journey is
going to be 3 days long and it will be a space for us to share our
thoughts, our ideas, intentions, connections, our hearts, our voices and
our spiritual connection that goes beyond physical encounters. *

*Each day of the gathering will be grounded in an ‘oasis’ session – a
session that will bring together in one space all participants – from all
time zones and communities from around the world.* The oasis will open a
space of reflection about us as a network – what happened so far, what are
the different activities/projects/working groups that we can interact with
and what are our collective dreams, hopes and visions for the Alliance.

*In between the 3 oasis sessions*, you´ll get a chance to listen/offer your
gifts to others in “beduin stops” (Zoom sessions with a lot of imagination
:p) to have some tea, make your camels drink some water, dance, enjoy
conversations, etc).

Join the participants list!

Let us know you are planning to attend by adding your name and details in
this sheet
knowing how many people intend to participate will allow us to prepare the
event better. And, if it helps you, we can send the schedule of the event
and latest information about the event directly in your inbox.

Sign up on Hylo!

Hylo is an open source social tool that supports networks such as
Ecoversities to connect, share and keep in touch. We will use it during
this gathering to post updates about the event, share learnings and capture
ideas. Join the community – and start using it by filling in your profile.

On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 6:35 PM Brandon Liu <brandon.k.liu at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Apologies for the absence of the monthly discussion thread in the last few
> months! I got quite caught up in work for the US elections.
> Welcome to the many new members who have joined in the last couple months.
> If you haven't already done so, please feel free to introduce yourself to
> the wider group! What is your background, your work, and what brings you to
> PeDAGoG?
> This network functions best when its members connect with each other, and
> that means asking questions, initiating discussions, and sharing ideas. At
> the beginning of each month, I send out an email for "open discussion and
> updates" to invite everyone to share something with the group. You can
> reply directly here or start a new thread. Anything and everything relating
> to post-development and pedagogy is most welcome: learning experiences,
> teaching materials, tools, perspectives, etc.
>    - What's something interesting you learned this month?
>    - What's an exciting professional update you'd like to share with this
>    group?
>    - What's something that's been on your mind this month that's germane
>    to PeDAGoG?
>    - What's something you'd like to get feedback on from the PeDAGoG
>    community?
> As always, our humble shared doc is available for everyone to use to (1)
> learn about others in the PeDAGoG network and (2) to share information and
> materials with others. You can find it here:
> https://pad.globaltapestryofalternatives.org/pedagog
> Best,
> Brandon
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