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dearest friends
it's with great pleasure that we forward you the invitation to our
Ecoversties Planetarian Gathering, a very busy long weekend to reconnect
and reflect about our autonomous learning spaces! The various offerings in
the parallel sessions are truly amazing. In a few places you will find
traces of our work in and with this large collective, as in the
presentation of (still working in progress) Firefly Radio, Meduse
(Mediterranean Ecofeminist Decolonial Union for self Education), and in the
Film and Podcasts Publication Festival.
We point this out to you just because it may be hard to orient yourself in
such a generously crowded schedule and in these appointments we are sure
you will reconnect also with common friends. The *OASIS* in the central
part of the schedule are the time where we all regroup either in *ceremony*
(Friday, day 1, to reconnect among us and all relations), in *assembly*
(Saturday, day 2 to heal , share and discuss) and in a *dreaming quest*
(Sunday day 3, to envision together how to move forward in the alliance)
Obviously we encourage you to follow as much as possible, good luck with
the joy of missing out!
looking forward to see some of you, and
forgive crossposting


[image: Header virtual gathering.png]

Dear friends,

This is an invitation for you to gather together with other higher
education rebels, dreamers and visionaries from around the world for our Fifth
Planetarian Gathering of the Ecoversities Alliance to Re-imagining Higher
Education and Learning- happening online on December 4th, 5th and 6th 2020.

We have designed this year’s Global Gathering as a digital learning journey
to stay connected, support each other in a difficult time, and keep working
together. During these 3 days you can participate in the multiple parallel
‘open space’ sessions hosted by Ecoversities Alliance’s members offering a
variety of proposals and approaches, in different languages and across time
zones.. Each day we will also reunite at the ‘oasis session’ – a space for
grounding together as a full circle, a space-time for ceremonies, an
assembly to reflect together on how to move forward and share updates, and
a final envisioning session, to dream our own dreams.

As we have experienced in these years, there is an emerging constellation
of eco-versities — people and communities reclaiming their local knowledge
systems and learning practices to restore and re-envision processes that
are meaningful and relevant to the call of our times.

Our primary focus in the Alliance  and in this virtual gathering is to
bring together people who are deeply involved with ‘alternatives’ to higher
education — working within, against, and beyond the modern university — as
well as in locally-rooted learning spaces that are regenerating community,
cultivating new stories and possibilities, and diverse ecological, social,
economic, and cultural ecosystems.

We truly hope you will join and be part of us,

 The Ecoversity Alliance

Helpful links for the gathering:


   Details about the schedule:

      This spreadsheet contains detailed information about the schedule of
      the sessions in different timezones, and ZOOM links 👉  *https://bit.ly/
      <https://bit.ly/36ycLeS>Ecoversities *

      The schedule is also uploaded on our website  👉
      <https://ecoversities.org/news-events/> *

   Register to be in the participants list and be informed 👉
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