[Celix-directorio] T still in a boastful tone, confidentially.] But I won't be denying 'twas a damn narr

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Mon Sep 20 10:47:27 CEST 2010

Ually astounded.] Ay vas bo'sun on her. BURKE--The divil! [Then

You'd be going back

to sea and leaving her alone, would you? ANNA--[Quickly.] It's all
right, Mat. That's where he belongs, and I want him to go. You got to
go, too; we'll need the money. [With
a laugh, as she gets the glasses.] And as for
me being alone, that runs in the family, and I'll get used to it.
[Pouring out their glasses.] I'll get a little house somewhere and I'll
a regular place for you two to come

back to,--wait and see. And now you drink up and be friends.
BURKE--[Happily--but still a bit resentful against the old man.] Sure!
[Clinking his glass against CHRIS'.] Here's luck to you!
[He drinks.] CHRIS--[Subdued--his face melancholy.]
Skoal. [He drinks.] BURKE--[To
Anna, with a wink.]
You'll not be
lonesome long. I'll see to that, with the help
of God. 'Tis himself here will be having a grandchild to

ride on his foot, I'm telling you! ANNA--[Turning away in
embarrassment.] Quit the kidding, now. [She picks up her bag and goes
into the room on left. As soon as she is gone BURKE relapses into an
attitude of gloomy thought.
CHRIS stares at his beer absent-mindedly.

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