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Ose at your leisure whether you'd rather be defendant in a suit for
breach of promise or seduction; and, upon my conscience, I think it's
civil in me to give you a choice." What a pretty
disclosure was here! So that while I was imaging myself squeezing the
hand and
winning the heart of the fair Mary Anne, I was

merely making a case of strong

evidence for a jury, that might expose me to the world, and half ruin
me in damages. There was but one course open--to make a fight for it;
and, from what I saw of my friend Mark Anthony, this did not seem
difficult. I accordingly assumed

a high tone--laughed at the entire affair--said it was a "way we had in
the army"--that "we never meant any thing by it," &c. &c. In a
few minutes I perceived the bait was taking. Mr. Fitzpatrick's
west country blood was up: all thought of the legal
resource was abandoned; and he flung out of the room to find a friend, I
having given him the name of "one of ours" as mine upon the occasion.
Very little time was lost,
for before three o'clock that afternoon a meeting was fixed for the
following morning at the North Bull; and I had the satisfaction of
hearing that I only escaped the malignant eloquence of Holmes in the
King's Bench, to be "blazed" at by the best shot on the western circuit.
The thought was no way agreeable, and I indemnified myself
for the scrape by a very satisfactory anathema

upon the high sheriff and his ball, and his confounded saucepans; for to
the lady's sympathy for my sufferings I attributed much of my folly. At
eight the next morning I found myself standing with Curzon and the
doctor upon that bleak portion of her majesty's dominion they term the
North Bull, waiting in a chilly rain, and a raw fog, till it pleased
Mark Anthony Fitzpatrick, to come and shoot me--such being the precise
terms of our combat, in the opinion of all parties
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